I'm diggin' these lunch bags from fluf. They're kid-oriented, but not overdone like so many can be. Plus they're completely washable, with a removable waterproof liner. I like the "lunch" version for myself, and the robot or letter ones for the kiddies.


new favorite

my new favorite outfit from anthro. loving all their wool looks. I'm so ready for fall clothing, even the maternity kind.


glass links

I hate the chandelier in our kitchen/dining room. It's just one that the builders installed - ugly, off center, and hangs crooked. Yes, I realize I could actually fix those last 2 things, but because it's ugly and I don't want to keep it, I never will. So I always keep a look out for a new chandelier. And then I saw this, and I love it. If it ever goes on sale, I'm snatching it up in a minute.


Project Week: #4 ~ freezer paper stenciling

Have you been to the MADE blog? If not, I suggest you do so! It's a sewing and craft blog by a lady named Dana, and she comes up with the coolest things. For this next project I'm featuring, I used her freezer paper stencil instructions, which can be found on her tutorials page.
I don't know why I haven't tried this before, because it's so simple! Especially with the tips and pictures from the tutorial.
When my husband and I found out we were having another baby, I made some matching shirts for our other 2 kids as a way to announce it to family members. It took a little figuring, but the shirts worked!

I also made this necklace shirt for my daughter after seeing some similar ones on etsy. I used the freezer paper for the bow necklace, then q-tips and a paintbrush for the others.
So go look at MADE's instructions, and stencil something of your own!


Project Week: #3 ~ mini blind to roman shade

I needed something quick, cheap, and easy for our upstairs playroom windows. It gets all that hot afternoon sun, and really heats up. Since I didn't want to do a full curtain, when I came across this tutorial on little green notebook, I knew it would perfect.
I took some cheap-o mini blinds, found some discount fabric at JoAnn's, and made roman shades in only a couple hours! It's a really easy tutorial to follow, and I have plans to make some more of these for other rooms in our house.
As a side note, this was the first time I had used the fabric glue, fabritac, and now I can't live without it! I use this stuff for everything.

I just took these pictures this morning, and noticed I need to re-glue one of the slats, it's a little droopy there.

Close-up of the pattern


Project Week: #2 ~ seven minute scarf

The infinity scarf, the eternity scarf, the circle scarf...whatever you want to call it. It's the seven minute scarf to me. Technically I didn't make this from an online tutorial, but I've found plenty of the same thing. While out shopping, I saw a girl wearing a simple, necklace-length circle scarf, thought of all the extra jersey fabric I had at home, and came up with this.

Here are 3 tutorials for something similar, this first one being the closest to what I made.
funky o scarves on meet virginia
a no-sew circle scarf made from a large t-shirt
cotton infinity scarf on homemade mamas

And here's how I did mine.
Take a 20" x 30" piece of jersey. (If you don't have a stash at home, you can buy just 3/4 yard and cut it down a little)
Fold it in half width-wise, right side in. You should have a 10" x 30" tube that looks inside out.
Sew down the long side with a 1/4" seam, then turn right side out.
Tuck one short end about 1/2" into the other, and sew it into place. Don't worry if it's messy, no one will ever see it because of the fullness of the scarf. It's at the back of your neck anyway. Here's how my seam looks.

it looks like I turned under the edge, but it's actually just the jersey curling under

Put it over your head, and that's it! Because jersey doesn't fray, you don't have to worry about hemming the raw edge. I also made my daughter a matching one, using the same method with a 15" x 25" rectangle. Have fun!

Project Week: #1 ~ the backpack

Here's the beginning of Project Week on Care's Finds! I'm featuring projects that I've recently made from some great free patterns/tutorials online. There's so much out there in the world of sewing - do you know how often I've turned to youtube to learn simple techniques? Suffice it to say, a lot, and it's fabulous. There are so many great sewing blogs with perfect beginner projects to get you going. And then you can keep going with the more difficult ones. So anyway, here's day #1.

Remember this awesome fabric? Well, I did indeed make it into a backpack as intended. (giving myself a high-five right now)
I eventually found a free pattern for a toddler backpack here, after going on a trek through about 5 different mommy/sewing blogs. She gives great instructions and pictures to go along. I altered the pattern quite a bit after giving it a look. I basically just ended up using the back pattern piece and straps for sizing. It has a foldover top, but I wanted to include a zipper closure. I also added padding to the straps for a little more thickness, and put pull straps at the bottom. My favorite part: that my daughter absolutely loves it!
The most important thing you can do when making this is to use a good, heavyweight interfacing (I used pellon's fusible decor bond). That way it doesn't fold up on itself too easily. As it is, I've noticed the corners get crushed in as my daughter runs around the house with it.
This took less than half a yard, and I think I'll be making another one just a bit bigger so it will fit papers to be brought home from preschool in the future. Luckily I have enough of the fabric to do another!
Here's a few photos of the happy little girl wearing her beloved new backpack.

if you're looking for something similar and want full instructions, another backpack pattern is available to buy here.


obi apron

Look at this great free apron pattern from Burda. Wouldn't it make a cute skirt?.....with a little more coverage in the back of course! I'm thinking this will be my first project for myself after the baby comes. A nice high-waisted skirt that I can cinch up as tight as possible to cover that post-baby bump!

Next week is a little slower for me, so I'm going to try and post everyday with some little project from the web that I've been sewing/working on. Let's call it Project Week!



I love these puj tubs! It seems to be more convenient than those foam things meant for sink baths, or tub baths. Plus, it folds up flat - I love space-saving baby gear.