Project Week: #2 ~ seven minute scarf

The infinity scarf, the eternity scarf, the circle scarf...whatever you want to call it. It's the seven minute scarf to me. Technically I didn't make this from an online tutorial, but I've found plenty of the same thing. While out shopping, I saw a girl wearing a simple, necklace-length circle scarf, thought of all the extra jersey fabric I had at home, and came up with this.

Here are 3 tutorials for something similar, this first one being the closest to what I made.
funky o scarves on meet virginia
a no-sew circle scarf made from a large t-shirt
cotton infinity scarf on homemade mamas

And here's how I did mine.
Take a 20" x 30" piece of jersey. (If you don't have a stash at home, you can buy just 3/4 yard and cut it down a little)
Fold it in half width-wise, right side in. You should have a 10" x 30" tube that looks inside out.
Sew down the long side with a 1/4" seam, then turn right side out.
Tuck one short end about 1/2" into the other, and sew it into place. Don't worry if it's messy, no one will ever see it because of the fullness of the scarf. It's at the back of your neck anyway. Here's how my seam looks.

it looks like I turned under the edge, but it's actually just the jersey curling under

Put it over your head, and that's it! Because jersey doesn't fray, you don't have to worry about hemming the raw edge. I also made my daughter a matching one, using the same method with a 15" x 25" rectangle. Have fun!


Jocelyn said...

I loved that scarf when I saw you wearing it, and I wondered if you had made it.

Kristy said...

love it!
i will be doing this project! i have lots of extra, fun scraps!