Dress up your chair in the blink of an eye with these cute pillows!



a stylish rocking chair that looks pretty comfy. by ron arad.


flower power

I'm seeing a lot of flower post earrings out there, and I'm liking it. They give out a kind of vintage vibe. After I saw one of my friends wearing a cute pair yesterday, I decided to to a little post on them. {I didn't realize that was a pun until after I typed it out}
I usually wear dangly type earring, but currently my lobes are donning these 2 babies. Both from Nordstrom BP section, and only about $5!

I also found some great ones online, via urban outfitters, forever 21, and anthro. But if you really want to go out and grab a cute cheap pair, they have plenty at Nordstrom in plenty of colors.

And look at these cute pairs over at Grosgrain, that she made from some buttons and paint! I think I'm going to have to expand my color palette from yellow and cream!



Lovely, lovely goodies available at Vale Jewelry. These 2 rings are what grabbed me the most. I love a big, pretty ring.


the modern hive

I love this new-to-me blog, The Modern Hive. As she says on her blog, she's a graphic designer, loves finding new uses for old things, and is a mom to 6 kids. My favorite thing I've found is her series of mini prints available for free download. If you're a member of the same church as I am, you'll definitely recognize some of the phrases. But even if you're not, they all have a beautiful message that could be included in any home. I'm in the process of printing out the family proclamation. She designed a modern looking version of it, and I must have it hanging in my hallway!



Have you heard of airplants? I hadn't until a few weeks ago. You can find them here at Pigeon Toe Ceramics. From what I gather you can just sit them out anywhere, either in a pot or by themselves, no dirt required. You soak them every couple weeks and that's it! These three are my favorites.

I think this one looks like some kind of little creature crawling across the table


felt shades

I think these shades from anthropologie would create such a soft, pretty light. But don't you think you could figure out how to make these? Maybe it's the cheap side of me, but felt isn't that expensive, even the 100% wool kind. And I think you could figure out how to manipulate it into something that looks quite similar to these two, for less than $150 a pop {on sale}. I might try a mini version of that ivory one and see how it goes.


one charming party

Have you seen this school themed baby shower from One Charming Party? Adorable! Love all the details. And there are some free downloads for you to do your own.


a little decorating

I just finished decorating my guest bath, (which you can view in its' entirety here), and have had a few people ask where I bought things/how I did it. So here's a little bathroom round-up. {I promise, not as disgusting as that just sounded!}
After reading this post on the Little Green Notebook, I decided to go for some stenciling! I chose a pattern at Whitewall Co, "Trilian Way," then picked out a dark plum paint color. The stencil is bigger than I thought it would be, which I'm glad about, and I love the openness of the pattern.

Also from the Little Green Notebook are directions on how to make a pelmet. Very easy, and makes such a big difference for the window I was having a hard time deciding what to do with. I chose the plum for the main fabric part, and outlined it with gray ribbon.
I guess those are the main parts of the bath, besides the gray vases I've found at random places, sitting on top of the Hattan Side Table from Ikea.


you heard it here last

Less than two weeks until the Liberty of London line comes to Target! I've been so excited! I have been drooling over liberty fabrics for years now. If I could ever find some for less than $35/yard, I have quite a few projects in mind. Skirts, shirts, pillows, curtains......
Who knows if I'll end up buying anything, but maybe a pillow or two wouldn't hurt. Or a tie for the hubs. And that bike would be fantastic too! Check it out here.


if only

I was this creative. An entire dress made from selvages...awesome.