weekend inspiration

Make your own deco file at domino magazine's website. A place to keep photos that inspire the decor of your own home. And let me tell you, domino's galleries have enough ideas to sift through for weeks!


dior, my love

The ultimate mascara - makes you look like you have falsies! It's spendy, and I probably won't be buying it everytime I need a new one, but it does work like magic for those of you who, like me, don't have very long or curly lashes.

sidenote ~ my posts will be a little scarce over the next few weeks as we're moving. I've recently found that I have quite a few faithful readers, thank you, thank you! So stay tuned, I'll have more goodies coming up.



Ok, this is seriously the most hilarious blog I have come across in some time! I was cracking up reading through it. It's all about professional cakes (which people actually pay for) that go horribly, and hilariously wrong. More than the pictures, her commentary on the cakes is pretty funny too. Here are a few sample pictures to entice you to read more.


weekend inspiration

A diy dress/shirt from little fish in a big pond. Everything comes cut and ready to sew. Convenient for me because cutting out patterns is my least favorite part of sewing!


While at sephora, I spotted this: 
a heated eyelash curler! Of course a girl came up and told me that I had to have one because they're just the best. I'm a little skeptical.


greeting cards

I could use a few of these on hand. I think they're great, perfect for any occasion, and no more digging around in my paper bin for the right card.

From the etsy shop the greater goods


Nantucket Weekend GIVEAWAY!!!!

Nantucket Weekend GIVEAWAY!!!!

I've come across this blog a few different times through both friends and family. She makes adorable clothes, and then gives them away! From what I gather, she doesn't use patterns, but just makes things up, and they're pretty much amazing...a. maz. ing. To enter the giveaways you just have to post a link back to her post, so you'll probably be seeing a lot more of these type posts because I want to win something!

wooden creatures

Cute little shapes covered in fun papers. I like the elephants best. If I could find the raw wooden shapes, I'd try my hand at it!



I found a great section on Home Depot's website, Backyard Projects. A lot of them look pretty accessible. There's about 20 projects ranging in difficulty, but these two especially caught my eye.


new link

I just found this website last week. I love the name. I love her style. And I especially love the "how to make stuff" section.