sewing on my mind

Some sewing tools I found that I need. Ok, maybe I just want them. But regardless, they would make my sewing life a lot easier!

EZ bamboo pointer for turning corners right side out. Mine are usually rounded or destroyed from so much picking.

Pattern weights, because I loathe pinning patterns to fabric...it's so time consuming.

And an expanding gauge would have been nice for the buttons and button-holes I recently did.


recycled bics

Who knew an old bic pen could look so fabulous?
I am, however, not in love with the idea of bic eating utensils. See more bic projects here.



fabric flowers

Last week, I taught the girls at church how to make these for mother's day presents. Obviously we're not using them as boutonnieres as they were intended, but each girl made a bouquet of 3 to give to her mom. They turned out really cute.
the ones pictured aren't what we made, but from the website