fall is here

Love love loving the colors, textures, and shapes of the outerwear at jcrew. I'm excited to break out the scarves, coats, and gloves!


carter's room::part 3

This is my last installment of Carter's room. I saw this really cool set of vintage race car prints, black and white, in red frames. They were at pottery barn kids (no longer online), and on sale at the time for $70 for three. Still a little high for me. So I searched for something similar on ebay, and found these prints for only $30! They weren't framed or anything, but I attached them to red mattes, and simply stuck them to the wall with sticky-tac. So for about half the price I got four!
His room is totally finished now, yay! Some other details: a print of my grandpa's that happens to go perfectly with the color scheme, a picture of Carter at 8 months (which looks a little crooked now that I'm looking at it), his initials you see right when you walk in, the red/blue chair which my grandma had in my uncle's room when he was little, and the bedding, bought from Target at a great sale price!


carter's room::part 2

This one's kind of boring, but like I've said before, I like to be organized. So when I saw this article about kids' closets on the Martha Stewart website, I wanted to utilize some of the tips. I used the pegboard, the cubbies, and the low hanging rod so Carter can hang his own clothes. I also hung up his hamper on the pegboard so he can shoot his dirty clothes in - a good motivator for picking up!

The inspiration

Carter's version


carter's room::part 1

I get a lot (ok, most) of my decorating ideas online, looking through photo galleries or diy websites. So I thought I'd share how I took what I found, made it my own, and incorporated it in my home. So I'm starting with Carter's room. First a little background. Carter is obsessed with the colors red and blue. He also said he wanted a race car room in the new house. Now, this makes for a great Nascar room. Yeah, I wasn't going there because I despise all things Nascar. So I was trying to find ways around making it look like that. I started with the blik re-stik decals race 'ya. We just put them up last week, and they turned out great; Carter loves them! He loves that he's allowed to actually put cars on the wall and race around.

The second thing you see in these pictures are the stripes on the wall. This comes from a post I did awhile ago. Carter's room looks absolutely nothing like this room (below), but I just really liked the stripes, and did them in red/blue and a little thicker in Carter's room.


faux bling

Love her felt jewels, and totally want this necklace.


natural cheetos?

I give em thumbs-up


modern tots

I don't know where I've been, but I just discovered modern tots, and I'm in love with a bunch of their stuff, especially the toy section, some really different things. But I'm really considering getting this for the playroom. I would just like to leave it plain, but the kids would have a blast decorating it themselves too! I can't believe how decked out that second one is.


hear it, and see it

I'm a visual person, so I love things like this, that the NY Times made. After watching parts of both political conventions, it's fun to see what words were used most. Click here to see exactly who said what.


i'm back

So it took me a little longer than I thought, but I'm finally back from my moving hiatus. Since I'm a little OCD in the world of organization (yes, my closet is organized by color, and yes, I alphabetize the jello boxes in my cupboard) I thought I'd share my two favorite tools for the closet.
This belt hanger, because the belts can't fall off!

And this hanger stand, found at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. This was especially great for toting around all those extra hangers when we moved. And now its' home is my laundry closet, where all the stray hangers find a place.