thumbs up

Haven't even touched this book yet, but I think it looks hilarious! Find out more here.


no whining

My piano professor has had this sign in her studio ever since I can remember. (I've been taking lessons from her on & off for 9 years!) So when I saw these prints from Orange Beautiful's shop, I immediately thought of her. Here you go Dr. Baxter, some new ways to say "No Whining!"


read this

I want this wallpaper in my half-bath. I wish I could see what magazines it uses, real or fake. But either way, it would make the start to a fun little bathroom!



Brilliant ads by VW


summer in a can

Pop the top, water, and watch 'em grow!


oooo la la

I could be greta for a day. Or possibly katharine.

all wrapped up

I think I'll give baby-gami as a gift at the next baby shower I attend. Besides being filled with adorable little babes, they have some great wrapping techniques with easy instructions. I love the expression and the hair on this little one!:


she's crafty

Totally, totally want this book right now!


death by caffeine

Good thing this calculator is around so I don't kill myself from the sweet goodness that is Pepsi! Haha! Pick your favorite caffeinated drink or food, and find out how much you would have to drink/eat to kill you. Mine?:
Gulp down 188.59 cans of Pepsi-Cola and you're history.

(Yep, I always look like this when I'm drinking an ice cold one)

What's yours?!



I'm liking this table lamp! Too bad it's no longer available :( Maybe a try on ebay would produce one?!