rent this movie!


sew or die

This belongs above my sewing table.
thanks for the find katie!


so much style all in one little table.
this one too



These would come in handy in the kitchen. Notched silicone loops that are oven- and microwave-safe. Perfect for my stuffed chicken that never stays in a neat little roll.

And I also like this - great for Thanksgiving, which is only 3. days. away!

you can also buy them on amazon

neighborhood maps

I can't wait for the Portland neighborhood map to come out. Definitely gettin' me one, I love these!


more coats

I found some more coats in fun colors/shapes! And this time they're a little cheaper than the ones in my last post. All of these are on sale at old navy right now, such a steal! My favorite is the belted white one...or the brown with purple lining.


calling all photographers

I thought of 2 of my friends who are photographers, shonda and kristy, when I saw this on etsy. What an adorable little prop for newbie photos! And if you're a knitter, you can just buy the pattern and make your own.


portable playtime

This would make a neat gift for nieces/nephews, especially if they're travelers. It's a little backpack that folds out into a playmat, and straps onto the seat trays in airplanes. A play surface, plus zippered pockets for toys and snacks, and something that they can carry around themselves. I think it could also work for car trips, just put a little board of some kind under it.



Cute mittens from Kate Spade. My kids and I love to dance together, and one of their favorite songs is "High 5" from They Might Be Giants' Here Come the 123s. I immediately thought of that song when I saw the mittens. You should definitely check out the cd though if you have kids, it's really a great one, and also comes with a dvd of puppet/cartoon music videos for all the songs. The songs do get stuck in my head quite often, but they're not annoying like other kid songs. There's also Here Come the ABCs - next on my list after we tire of the 123s.

update: apparently the mittens went out of stock right after I posted this!



Listen to lenka...I'm obsessed with her right now. heard her on gray's anatomy last night too!


world's smallest postal service

I've said it before, and I'll say it again ~ I have an obsession with mini things, and this newest one will be added to my list of all-time faves! You write a letter, she rewrites it in the teeniest handwriting and sends it off to your recipient. A magnifying glass is even included. I never thought I'd say a letter is adorable, but I'm saying it! I guess she (Lea Redmond) used to just set up her mailing station in cafes, and she continues to do that, but it's now available online as well. Lucky for everyone living outside the bay area!



weekend inspiration

So my last weekend inspiration I actually ended up doing. I have a cute little bouquet of buttons sitting on my bookshelf now! I might also try this one, though probably not this weekend. I'm having Thanksgiving at my house for the first time, so I've been thinking of the tablescape. I think these placemats look rustic and go with the color palette I'm planning. I might get some linen, or even burlap, then paint on the frames myself!


rock-a-bye baby

My idea of the perfect kiddie rocker, with the added bonus of a book bin on the back.



This would be so fun to get for an ipod! It's a speaker that uses no power, just amplifies the sound. It could also function as an extra little piece of art in the house!


goodbye mop

hello slippers! These are funny, yet totally practical! The mop bottom is attached with velcro so you can rip it off to wash, and they come in two styles. I'd pick the pom-pom style. A funny thing about their description: "A great way to save your floors on a rainy day and warm up the feet of your visitors." I know what they mean, but it sounds like they're suggesting to make your visitors mop your floor!