These look so comfy. I think I'd keep them for cute house shoes. Eco-chic ballet flats.


pomegranate perfection

I am in love with this print! And so many great ways to showcase it at lost bird found. I could take the plates, tote bag, scarf, or the tunic. or all of them. I only wish she sold the fabric as well!

**I just saw on lost bird found's blog that you can get a free pocketbag when you buy a tote bag and enter the code PINIT. Yay!**



I know I'm a little late with this today, but the winner of the cm crafts giveaway is Kristy of casadelray!

And since you told quite a few people about cm crafts, you get 2 bracelets! Email me and let me know what you'd like.
Thanks for the comment and facebook love to everyone who played!


the 5-minute necklace + update

I needed a chunky necklace for my outfit last Sunday. And we had to leave for church in 30 mins. This is me on a usual Sunday though, pulling together both me and my daughter's accessories last minute. So anyway, I remembered all of my great-great aunt's jewelry I have stashed away. And this is what I came up with.

I got quite a few compliments, so I thought I'd show you just how easy it was to make, so you can do your own and get some compliments too! Even if you don't have Aunt Gladys' jewels, get some costume jewelry cheapies, or scour goodwill for some hidden gems.


Gaudy brooches, earrings, pendants, etc.
Some kind of chain (a ribbon would probably actually work as well)

Take your jewelry and pin/hook them directly to the chain in a grouping to your liking. Put the ribbon through both ends of the chain to connect them, slip it over your head, and tie the ribbon.
That's it! A 5-minute necklace.

update on cm crafts giveaway: you guys are making it too easy for the 4 people that have commented thus far! They have pretty good chances. If telling people is stopping you from entering, by all means, enter anyway. But here's the deal, for those of you who have told someone about cm crafts, you'll win two bracelets. And if you simply leave a comment, you'll win one. How does that sound? Remember, the giveaway closes tonight!



Have you seen the Total Shoe Redo series over at Grosgrain? The woman is amazing. She's pretty much reupholstering shoes, and they are turning out so adorable! These are my favorite to date, the Red Ruffle Flats:


batting 100

Awhile back I wrote about how much I love DiorShow Mascara. But of course it's a little pricey and I only bought it a couple times. Well expensive mascara, you have met your match with Maybelline's Great Lash Big. Virtually the same brush, and still makes you look like you have falsies.
Another trick I've picked up - heat up your eyelash curler with a blowdryer for a few seconds. test on your wrist to make sure it's not too hot. The heat makes those babies perk right up!


cm crafts giveaway: updated!

I moved cm crafts over to big cartel now. I think I'm going to like it better than etsy, but we'll see. Right now I'm just on the free membership plan, so only one picture per product is allowed, and 5 products total. Hopefully things will get going and I'll upgrade here soon. Anyway, on to the giveaway!

In celebration of my new shop space, I'm giving away one of the Square Braided Bracelets! You choose the color you'd like. And if you want multi-colored or a different length, I can make that happen too! I learned this really cool way to braid, and I've been wearing one of these bracelets ever since. They're meant to wrap around your wrist about 3 times, and I usually stack 2 or 3 together. They remind me of the old friendship bracelets I used to make in middle school. Did you make those with your friends too?

Since I'm trying to spread the word, here's the 1 rule to enter the giveaway: think of 2 people you know that might be interested in something at cm crafts, and tell them about it! When you comment, let me know who you told. That's it!
update! you can still enter even if you don't want to tell anyone about cm crafts. However, if the winning person has told someone, they'll win two bracelets!
I'll close the comments this Friday at 9pm pst.
Good luck!!


come back monday

I forgot to mention in this morning's post, but check in on Monday for a shop update (I finally got my act together), and a little giveaway to go with!
I'll leave you with a happy image and a ralph waldo emerson quote. Have a great weekend!
print found here

no more fraying

If you sew, and don't own a serger, this tutorial will change your life. forever. seriously. the french seam via freshly picked.


girl stuff

My daughter is in a playgroup with her 2 little best friends. After she returns from Jane's house, I hear all month long about "playing hairstyles." Apparently that's what they're busy with almost the entire time at Jane's. I finally saw the beloved hairstyle station - a cute little vanity with all the salon accessories, including pretend scissors. So I've been trying to recreate a hair station at our house. I already had some lightweight stick-on mirrors for the wall, and my husband's making a simple shelf to hang under the mirrors. And I'm trying to fashion some sort of hanging bag that will fit all the accessories. A tool belt type thing, hanging from the shelf or on the wall. And of course I need the supplies themselves. I wanted a wooden set, which has proved to be a challenge in finding. This is the best one I came across in my hour of searching.
Estia wooden cosmetic set

I don't think I'll really use the carrying case, but the rest of it looks fun. Have you seen anything similar in a toy store or boutique? I'd like to find some other options!


throw a party

with some fabulously designed invitations, all ready for you to customize. Pick your favorite, download, fill in your text, print, deliver. There are so many great choices, I had a hard time deciding which templates to put up here.


9 by design

I've been enjoying the first few weeks of 9 by design on Bravo. It's fun to see behind the scenes, and how they really put their designs together.

It airs tonight, 10pm. You can also watch full episodes online at Bravo.
Sixx Design website here.


mother's week

Have you seen the fabulous mother's day roundup on luvinthemommyhood? Lots of cute and fun stuff to make for mom, with things that kids can do too. You still have a week left to figure something out!