the 5-minute necklace + update

I needed a chunky necklace for my outfit last Sunday. And we had to leave for church in 30 mins. This is me on a usual Sunday though, pulling together both me and my daughter's accessories last minute. So anyway, I remembered all of my great-great aunt's jewelry I have stashed away. And this is what I came up with.

I got quite a few compliments, so I thought I'd show you just how easy it was to make, so you can do your own and get some compliments too! Even if you don't have Aunt Gladys' jewels, get some costume jewelry cheapies, or scour goodwill for some hidden gems.


Gaudy brooches, earrings, pendants, etc.
Some kind of chain (a ribbon would probably actually work as well)

Take your jewelry and pin/hook them directly to the chain in a grouping to your liking. Put the ribbon through both ends of the chain to connect them, slip it over your head, and tie the ribbon.
That's it! A 5-minute necklace.

update on cm crafts giveaway: you guys are making it too easy for the 4 people that have commented thus far! They have pretty good chances. If telling people is stopping you from entering, by all means, enter anyway. But here's the deal, for those of you who have told someone about cm crafts, you'll win two bracelets. And if you simply leave a comment, you'll win one. How does that sound? Remember, the giveaway closes tonight!


Rachel D said...

This is one of the reasons you're awesome. I would never even think to do this.

Kristy said...

so does this mean that everyone who entered wins????? if not, then BLAH! i don't want anyone else to enter! i want to win one {or two?!}!!!!!!
hahahahaha! i'm serious. ;)

sarah said...

that's such a cute (& easy) necklace idea! thanks!