scraped clean

I could buy a thousand kitchen gadgets. Seriously, 1000. Whenever I'm in one of those kitchen stores, I'm always saying "oohh I need that!" I have visions of me as an old lady digging through my accumulated crap to find some random tool that I use once a year. But this little tool is by far my favorite, it's so handy to get stubborn food spots out of pans that I'd otherwise be scrubbing at for 10 minutes!
btw, I didn't have to order it online either, just found it in one of those kitchen outlet stores.



Have you ever used the Pounce feature on Etsy? I did today, and this is what I found!

I think there's something universally likeable about fortune cookies, even if they taste bad or your fortune stinks, they're fun to look forward to. And I think these replicas are adorable. Especially because she will customize the fortune inside!


mirror, mirror, in my bag

I need a little compact mirror to keep in my school bag, especially on those long days. Many a day it would have come in handy when some of my lunch was stuck in my teeth! These little mirrors covered in silk fabric designs are too cute. And much more friendly to my budget than one of her handbags!



I thought I'd share my new method of cooking lately, via Jessica Seinfeld's Deceptively Delicious. I had seen this recipe book in Costco a couple times, and then Stuart's cousin, Sarah, blogged about it and said her and her sister use it. So I decided to give it a try. All the recipes in here use some type of pureed vegetable that is undetectable as far as taste, so you can get your family to eat more vegetables without them knowing! It's really true, you can't taste them at all, if I wasn't the one making the food I wouldn't know it either. I haven't tried any of the desserts yet, I am little more wary of the taste of those. But now I have a handful of new recipe staples, and a little arsenal of pureed squash, broccoli, carrots, etc in the freezer!



I love this blog, snippet & ink, where the author puts together gorgeous inspiration boards daily - yes, daily. Most of the boards are geared towards weddings, but I've gotten some great ideas for color combos and party decor that can be used for any event. Lately, my favorite color combos are gray/yellow and gray/green, so I pulled a few of her boards that involved them.

I'd add my new(er) shoes to the one above!

I think this one's my fav:



...is what the smell of this stuff makes me say. Stuart says I have a super-sniffer because I'm very smell oriented. Because of this, I'm constantly going through cleaners because I can't stand the smell of most of them. But this one is divine.


wall art

I like these motivational posters