family time

Isn't this sock animal family just the cutes?! On sale right now!


quote books

I wish I could make something like these! Handmade books in fun printed papers and silk ribbon binding. 80 pages, each with a quote, and room to let your scribbles fill up the rest of the page. And a good price!


real wallflowers

I'm in love with these wallflowers! They're made out of polypropelyne and just stick to the wall, the next step up from decals. Great for a little girl's room...like Addie's maybe?! How come I can find so many great room ideas for girls, and not for boys?


measure up

Girly tools.
Gotta love 'em.
I like the green variety.

Leather tape measure from Spoon Sisters.


These glass votives remind me of the cupcake wrappers I posted a few weeks ago. Pretty pretty.



A collapsable vase that looks like just a gift bag when flat.
Yet it stands on its own when filled with water and flowers!
And they come in some pretty designs.
Perfect for on-the-go gifts.


why i love carnations

~ it's the flower for January (my birthday month)
~ they make my kitchen window look cute
~ they last forever - i've had these almost 3 weeks!
~ it's a cheap way to bring fresh flowers into the house
~ i love the deep, vibrant colors - these red ones are especially my fave:


a b c, 1 2 3

I can think of a million possibilities for these letter and number trays!


pilo pilo

In continuing my obsession with mini things, I came across these ‘pilo pilo’ designs. They are from downstairs studio and are designed to be worn as rings so when you lean your face on your hand it will have someplace soft to rest. I love little pieces like this- they would have come in handy in a few of my classes this past year!


boost me up, mommy

I think this is so inventive!



for your eyes and your tummy! Aren't these the cutest things?! I want to have a big party with tons of different cupcakes wrapped in these!