Maybe it's just me, but are these Onion Goggles really necessary? My eyes aren't that sensitive to onions!


ribbon mobile

Wouldn't this be fun (and easy) to make?! It's meant to be a mobile, but I am envisioning it surrounding a ceiling light in a kid's room for a fun change.

white light

Saw these today from Luna Bazaar, who has an awesome paper lantern collection.

I love, love, love their selection of shaped eyelet lanterns, and think they all would look amazing hung low over tables, lit in groupings of three or so? At these prices, you can afford to get a bunch. You typically see paper lanterns in dorm rooms, or kids' rooms because of their affordability, but I think the eyelet brings something different, a little sophistication maybe?



I came across this really interesting article from New York Magazine about 5 New Yorkers who dress exclusively in one color! Make sure you look at all five of their pictures, there's some fun stories behind it. I don't think I could do it. What a big commitment, especially with that bright blue like the lady below! But it raises an interesting question: What color would you choose?

it's all in the name

These ABC posters would be fun in kids' rooms. I was thinking that you'd probably be able to make one yourself pretty easily too. Just some posterboard and letter stamps, or handwritten letters if your writing is better than mine!


modern twist

I really like the designs on these silicone coasters and placemats from Modern Twist. Simple geometric design that can really just blend in. Also check out their hide boxes, and vinotagz (or sparkling cider-tagz in my case!), which can double as napkin rings. I think the little hide boxes would make a cute package for a jewelry gift.


happy valentine's day!

Perfect pillows for your perfect valentine


so sad

I think these wooden blocks are genious. Carter would have so much fun with them, he's just at that age when numbers are really starting to make sense, and adding/subtracting are beginning to form in his little mind. Unfortunately, I found them too late, they're all sold out at Three Potato Four! :( I'm on a mission to find more though. I'll be posting some more about Three Potato Four later.



I'm in love with everything about this lamp. The shape. The colors. The height. The flocked shade.


I was talking with my friend, Kari, the other day about patterned nylons. I usually choose to wear patterned over plain, it just adds a little oomph to an otherwise boring outfit. So here are some places that I know of that have some good nylon/tight selections!

{I couldn't find pictures for the first two}

Target is where I usually get mine. They have a good selection, of black and brown at least, at around $5-6.

Nordy's usually has some also, but a little more expensive.


Banana Republic

Urban Outfitters


going green

I just bought this set of Envirosax today. I had a hard time deciding between these and the black/white set. But with all the "go green" hype these days, I've felt a little guilty everytime I use the plastic bags at stores. Even though we do reuse them to house the enormous amount of diapers we go through...still. So I decided to get these stylish little bags, that actually hold twice as much as the plastic ones. And they can double as church bags on Sunday! Although a small one, I guess this is my first step to being green. (I also added a little green to my blog too!)

If you're looking for something similar, I also found these other great options.

Minus Bags:

And the Mamagotomarket bags from the Bananasaurus Rex Etsy shop:


oopsy daisy

Oh my goodness...I want one of these for Addie, from Oopsy Daisy Baby. Stuart thinks they're a little over the top, and maybe so, but they would make for some cute pictures at the very least!


new store

Through Kristy, I discovered Skip Hop, a great place for diaper bag needs and wants, plus a few fun extras as well!

And you'll notice it's a link in my newly added list of favorites!



Have you seen the new Dwell Studio line at Target? Very cute, and super soft - worth checking out for the new mommies in your life!

designer sink

Look what I stumbled upon yesterday! I like calligraphy (wish I could do it well!) and all things that remind me of it, which includes this. I just love the scrolling design of it. If I had the mansion of my dreams, something like this would be in the guest bath.


sewing project

For all of you people who sew out there, I think this looks like a fun, and somewhat easy project. All you have to do is draw (or download) a picture, trace over the lines with your sewing machine, and voila!, you have a handmade embroidered shirt! I'm going to try the tractor one for Carter. I'll let you know if it turns out!


polka dots and gingham

Loving these retro-inspired suits from Urban Outfitters

the pictures should work now!


new addition?

I think this would go well in our bedroom, and fit the color scheme I like so much from the last post (at a fraction of the cost)!