which ones?

I can't decide which of these I like more. The first ones would probably be more practical, and go with more outfits. But something about that pop of turquoise on the second pair really calls my name. Not that I'm actually going to be buying them, but they're definitely on my Christmas list. Both found at endless.


next year

I want a fun wall calendar. This one has caught my eye - plus you can take off the calendar part and have 12 nice letterpress prints to frame later!


sweater dress

Although I like a good pair of jeans, I find myself in skirts more often. They're just more comfortable, and can be worn all year long. I've been trying to find some casual dresses that I can throw into the mix as well. I like this french roast sweater dress from ruche a lot. A perfect no-jeans option for fall and winter. I'd accessorize with bright tights, boots, and jewelry, and maybe switch out the belt for a different one.


please oh please

oh how I wish I could get this right now - my very own letterpress kit! I would immediately commence making christmas and business cards upon its arrival.

home bazaar

My friend and her mom are starting up a little boutique out of her home, and I was invited to put in some of my stuff! This is the first weekend, so I'm trying to help get the word out - if you're in the Portland area, stop on by! It sounds like there will be a great selection of items, so you can get your Christmas shopping done early.


daily drop cap

Every day designer Jessica Hische puts up a new decorative letter on Daily Drop Cap for everyone's enjoyment. I check it occasionally, and love what she did with the latest "C".


lessons anyone?

image from here

I've received quite a few questions about sewing, requests for help with projects and/or sewing lessons. So I've decided to get on the ball and offer some sewing lessons! I think the easiest way to do it is by the hour, especially for short little projects.
Here's my background: my mom taught me the basics of a sewing machine and pattern reading, and then I've kind of figured things out on my own. My own projects, mostly things that I make for my daughter or myself, are the result of many hours of fooling around with fabric and sewing techniques. I also try and copy things I've seen in stores, and I'm good at craft projects.
Soooooo, if you have a project you've been dying to do, but don't know how, then I can help you out!
To give you a few examples of what we could work on together, here are some easy-peasy projects:
Christmas outfits for your kids: i.e. simple skirts for girls - elastic waist, apron skirt, or bubble skirt (I'm still in the process of tweaking this one), and ties for the boys
Learn how to hem pants, jeans, or skirts
Make a cute bag - laundry bag, handbag, church bag, whatever
Make something from a beginner pattern - from picking the right fabric and notions, to sewing and finishing it
See something you like, but it's too expensive? We can figure out a copycat...I do this a lot
Refashions - make something old new again!

The only catch? You might have to come to my oh-so-humble sewing area, which is one half of my bedroom. I promise I'll clean my room for you :)
Email me for pricing and any questions!
carematthews {at} gmail {dot} com


my favorites

These have been my favorite skirts to date! I absolutely love the orange floral sheets that makes up the main part of the skirts. And then I paired it with seersucker, one of my favorite fabrics. These are for a friend of mine who has 3 girls (obviously)... my parting gift because they're moving this weekend :(

be sure to check my etsy shop for other goodies!


have a chuckle

These are the best cards I've ever seen, hands down. I could not stop going through all the different categories. I must have spent about 30 mins sitting here laughing at my computer. I kept thinking I'd find a favorite and stop, but every one is as good as the last. Here's a little sampling, but seriously, you must go there yourself!