t shirt rug

What a fun, soft rug! (directions on the xo elle blog) Fashioned after flokati rugs, it's made with t-shirt strips and latch hook canvas. Yet another project to put in my to-do folder. Even though it's a time consuming project, it's budget conscious, and the result would be totally satisfying. I like that she chose grey, and made it nice and full for her baby.

Found via the modern hive


yogurt 101

I've decided to start making my own yogurt. My kids love yogurt, and I'm tired of all the sugary stuff or paying extra for the organic stuff. It seems to be relatively easy - I'll let you know if I can actually pull it off. While researching different techniques, I came across Fix Me a Snack, and her Yogurt 101 series. There are so many great snack ideas with plain yogurt as the starting point - sweet, savory, desserts, dips, nutty, etc. I'm determined to make a healthy little snack like one of these everyday for my kids (and myself!) from now on.


stack em up

I like stackable rings and bracelets, always drawn to them in stores or online shops. This set of rings is particularly calling my name. I like the earthy colors.


squeaky clean

How have I never discovered Neutrogena's transparent facial bar? I know it's been around forever, but just bought it for the first time last week. I'm into couponing, was out of my other facial cleanser, and there was an almost-free deal going with these so I tried them out. And I'm in love. With the smell, and my squeaky clean skin afterward.


i want to go there

The Swimming Pool is at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art in Japan, and made by an Argentinian artist. A room within a pool, what an awesome idea! Read more about it here.

bonus to the first person who gets my tv reference post title.



Aren't these cupcakes the perfect picture of summer? Strawberry lemonade cupcakes via ISLY. I'm excited to make them.


vintage goodness

I'm drooling over the vintage fabrics available at Lemon Blooms' etsy shop. I'm always on the lookout for different prints I can use for my vintage scalloped buntings.