house shoes

All of these look like cozy shoes for lazy days around the house.


clean up

Want and need the chore board here at our house.



These portraits are amazing! I'm totally saving up to get one of my kids. She does couples, kids, pets, and you can add color or different backgrounds too. Sounds like she really works with you to create exactly what you want! I heart etsy sellers.


magazine flowers

I tried to make this, but couldn't get it to look right. Maybe I used too much glue or something. Try, try again I guess! Wouldn't these be great hanging from the ceiling at a party? Or even used as a centerpiece somehow.


eye slices

Every once in awhile, I need some of these. Cooling things for my eyes/forehead really relaxes me.

They're instant cooling without a fridge, so you don't have to plan ahead. And they're reusable up to 10 times.



lunchbox to go

Fun little compact lunchboxes for you or your kiddies. Love the great colors.



saw these puppies at Payless...looks like they've stepped it up a notch! Yeah, so it's a fake stacked wooden heel, but who's ever going to notice, right?


little fish in a big pond

I ordered one of these, received my cute package in the mail, and less than 24 hours later little miss adelynn was wearing this...

These are the easiest things to make; she gives great instructions, and picks the cutest fabrics. And apparently everyone knows this because her shop, little fish in a big pond, is empty right now while she's trying to catch up on orders!