melissa sandals

I came across this shoe company, and like a lot of their shoes. If you live in a wet climate, and always worrying about whether or not it's going to rain and ruin your shoes, these are the ticket! They're rubber, and come in basic + fun colors. A few of my faves below...


what i wore wednesday

Have you heard of WIWW over at the Pleated Poppy? It's a linky party that showcases what people wore over the week. I've been wanting to do this for awhile, but can never seem to remember to take pictures of some of my cuter outfits. But here I am, with one little ensemble. I know this isn't the best picture, but our apartment hallway is the best place for picture taking. I know...sad. But outside, it's been snowing here in WY. Yes...snowing...in May. Ugh.
tee: Target, scarf: repurposed skirt, jeans: hudson, shoes: steve madden, belt: ebay

I always like seeing pictures of the person behind a blog - it's nice to put a face to all the words you're always reading. So here's hoping you feel the same!


put it on the fridge

I saw one of these beautiful magnetic puzzles on the front page of etsy the other day, and just had to share with you! It's by seller Pipe Dreams 2010. What a great learning too + piece of art! The wood on this particular map is stained according to time zones, and I originally saw a USA map stained by regions. I'd love to see my kids playing around with one of these on the fridge.


physique 57

Anyone do this? I've heard some good things about it, but don't know anyone personally that uses it as their workout. I'm looking to get into something new, and this looks do-able.

What kind of workout does it for you?



Oh, how I love anthropologie. On their website, my cart is always full of items that I only dream about actually buying. Last week, I realized I don't have a swimsuit that fits me, so I went to anthro looking for inspiration. I found this, and this.

I think those stripes going every which way in the first would definitely be figure flattering. And I'm diggin' the ruching and modest look of the polka dot option. It would help with the post-baby tummy.
I went surfing around for similar suits at lower prices, and came up with these. Here, and here.
That first is a pretty good substitute for the stripe. And I actually ended up buying the polka dot suit. It arrived in the mail Saturday, and it fits like a glove! I'm so excited. Over $100 less than the anthro version. I realize that the look is a little different, but it has that overlay piece to give the same feel on the bottom, it has the ruching, and I'm wearing it with the removable halter strap that came with. I do like the smaller polka dot print better, but I was definitely willing to compromise with the difference in prize.


60's green

If this beauty of a lamp were just a teeny bit taller, I'd snag it for my living room. I need (ahem, want) a funky green or yellow vintage lamp for a little color.


{i sew} easter outfits

I have an obsession with making (sometimes buying) my kids matching outfits on Easter and Christmas. I even made myself a matching skirt last Easter. This time around, I had found some clearance green sweater fabric, and wanted to make this vest for the boys. I made up Addie's cropped sweater, then did a simple double layer elastic waist skirt. The idea also came from here. I've made elastic waist skirts before, about a million of them. Why haven't I ever thought of a double layer? It's so cute and easy, I'll definitely be doing it again. The skirt and bowtie fabric came from some curtains that my mom gave to me. I know it doesn't look like it actually matches the sweaters very well, but I promise that in person it does!
Besides the cute kid faces, I really can't stand these pictures. I took them really fast after church, just outside on our teeny porch. I need to find a good place for picture taking around our apartment, there aren't too many options that I've found so far.

being silly


some fashion talk

I like keeping up on fashion - seeing what the new color of the season is, the new trends, I always get the September issue of Vogue, etc. Doesn't mean I always look so fashionable, but I try to use my closet staples and add a few trendy items every once in awhile. Even if it's just an accessory like a new necklace or belt.
Lately, I've been following the blog Kendi Everyday. I heard about this blog from my friend Brooke, who is always super stylish herself, and should have a style blog of her own! Kendi is a cute girl that lives in Texas, and posts her adorable outfits almost daily. And what I especially like is that she tells where she bought her pieces, or where you can find something similar. There are so many ensembles of hers that I love and have tried to replicate with my own closet. Sometimes successfully, and sometimes not so much! I really love the above stripes on stripes combo she's doing.

Do you have any fashion blog favorites?


give it a spin

Don't you love beautiful wooden toys, even if they're for kids? If I had it my way, my kids would only own old-fashioned wooden toys that look as good on the shelf as they are fun to play with. Like these spinning tops, found at The Wooden Wagon. My dad has a similar top that he always gets out when the kids come over....I think I'll be adding to his collection with one of these beauties.
all images from The Wooden Wagon


knock knock

Anyone still there? I hope so! I'm back into the online world again, with a new header and everything! Are we over chevron prints yet? Even if the design world is, I don't think I ever will be. Love a good chevron. A lot has happened over the last 4 months since I last posted, among other things:

new job for the hubs
we had our third baby in january
a move to wyoming!

Wyoming is a big change from Oregon, everything seems totally different. Some things I've noticed so far - there are no trees, people wave at you in the car even when they don't know you, the town I live in has to be the muddiest in America, the schools are really great, fruit and vegetables are expensive (compared to OR) because everything comes from so far, and our new little community is quite the happening place despite its' small size.

Anyway, my new plan is to post at least 3 times a week. I just can't keep up the everyday thing with a new babe. I was too overwhelmed, hence the blogging hiatus. And I plan to add in a little more of my sewing projects and shop updates, since that's what takes up most of my free time these days. How's that sound? I need you to keep me in line!

In honor of my new home state, you can get 15% off anything at cm crafts when you enter the code "wyoming" at checkout. It's good until May 20th! I also have a spring sale going on, so you can really score some things at a good price. Lots of new bloomers are up, in some really great vintage prints, and I'll soon be adding some fabulous little fascinators, cocktail hats, hairpieces...whatever you want to call them.

Some more fun finds coming up too here on Care's Finds!!



I'm making a trip to the new H&M (first one in Portland!) this weekend with some of my very stylish friends. Among other things on my list, I'm definitely going to check out these little metallic baskets. Great for holiday decorating and beyond. I think I'm jumping on the metallic craze bandwagon.


felt resource

I saw a great resource, through oh happy day, for felt balls. So you can make this, or this, or this for the holidays. Or whenever. (I'm thinking specifically of you Bekah!) Go here to get your supplies.


what to do?

I found this little group of vintage buttons at a garage sale this summer and have had them stashed away. Now what can I do with these? I was thinking possibly earrings out of the red and/or pink set, they'd make a perfect gift (if not for anyone but myself :)). But it might be somewhat difficult to take those bars off the back of the pink ones. I need some ideas people...


Happy Thanksgiving!

I'll leave for the weekend with this cute printable Timothy Le Turkey from mibo studio. Have a wonderful holiday weekend everyone!!

{Mibo's 2011 printable calendar just released today too - it's really colorful, pretty, and affordable because you download the file and print it out yourself. Plus if you buy it before Dec. 3rd you also get a free advent calendar!}


count with me

Beautiful counting balls from Jack's Beanstalk on Etsy. There are lots of pretty felted goodies in her shop.