pom poms

I hope everyone had a fun and cozy Christmas! I know we did here.

Not sure where I snagged this picture from, but what a fun wreath! I seem to remember some other holiday pom pom decorations on the site as well, maybe a garland or something? Anyway, I might incorporate the wreath into next year's christmas decor.

Tomorrow's already New Year's Eve - have any plans?!


cupcake stand

cuteness in the form of pottery


hi mr oak tree

Something about this whimsical little tree pillow makes me smile. It would have a good home in my daughter's room. Now if only my tiny budget would allow for such a thing!


street fashion

This would help me get some fashion inspiration. Lots of cute ensembles in there. {I don't know about the cover look though!}



If you haven't read the Orange Beautiful blog, now's a good time to start! One of the writer's sisters made this beautiful jacket, and now put up step by step instructions so you can make your own! She was recreating the J.Crew Astrid Jacket, at a much more affordable price! This is a project that's definitely going into my "things to make" file!

coe and waito

I think I'm in love with these pretty scalloped dishes


flip cap

a good idea that I needed a long time ago.


me, me, me

On the freckle box website, they have an assortment personalized books and things for kids. I first saw the simple coloring book, which has the child's name on each page along with a picture. I also like these two.
one two three