cute hedgehogs

I just indulged myself and bought this fabric, Michael Miller's Hedgehog Meadow. I couldn't resist, it's just too cute and I love the colors. It's going to be made into a little backpack for Addie, like this one.


more liberty

This is a big "yes, please!" But can you come down in price, like half?


mia, and some news

I know I've been gone for awhile. Lots of family things going on - too much on my mind for blogging I guess. Plus, it's summer! And our days at the Matthews' house have been chock full of activities already. I have a million things bookmarked though, ready to post.
First on the list is this messenger bag...that I'm pretty sure I need. My husband would probably wonder what on earth I would use another tote bag for. But I have a specific use for this one. We're expecting our third child (!) and I want it to use as a diaper bag. Perfect size and pattern, and a long strap is always a plus. And it's only $39!
from the etsy shop ikabags, in Paris