sweet dreams

I love the earthy colors in this bedroom, put together by West Elm. Hmmm, our bedroom is already brown and white, maybe I'll add a few colorful accents now!


my obsession

My friend, Kari, got me on a shoe high today. I know I wouldn't be able to wear these with too many outfits, but it doesn't make me love them any less!

paper airplanes

Around our house, paper airplanes are the "it" thing of the moment. Carter asks me or Stuart to make one on average 10 times per day. And he wants a "really cool one." If we don't make a really cool one, I hear "oh, this one doesn't fly really well," accompanied by a look that you might see on one of those commercials with the starving children. I know there are a lot of paper airplane books out there, but I found a website that has pretty good instructions/diagrams on easy, medium, and difficult airplanes, helicopters, and frisbees!
Paper Airplanes


freshie & zero

If you know me, you know I love jewelry and have a ton of it. I also make some, but usually find that I like other people's handmade jewels better! I'm especially into necklaces lately and I like the look of the hammered metal jewelry creations at Freshie & Zero's etsy shop. My favorite is the Twine Necklace.


mod baby

I love all the chic baby items that are out there these days!

Let me know if you want to know where something comes from!


an old find

This isn't new to me, but I thought everyone should know about Bisquick. It makes the best pancakes ever, and on their website, they have a collection of recipes called Impossibly Easy Pies. These are so good, super easy, and super quick. Growing up, I remember my mom making them. It's such a good breakfast or dinner, depending on what you put in it, and good for those who don't really like to cook but like to eat! (Kari, I'm thinking of you!) So you get an idea of what an Impossibly Easy Pie is, it's kind of like a quiche, with the eggs, veggies, meat, cheese, etc. Once you learn the basic recipe, you can put whatever you have in the fridge into the pie. The other night I made one with mushrooms, mozzarella, and cut up lil' smokies!

*note on the link: for some reason I couldn't link directly to the pies page, so go to the left under "Description" and click on "Pies"


colorful clothes

Here are some of my new favorites from Anthropologie.

I wish I could be this put-together everyday: love this outfit!


You know when you have a pair of jeans that always needs a belt, but you don't always want to wear a belt with some outfits? This could be a solution...the Invisibelt. Made for all sizes and super thin, they say it's virtually undetectable under your clothes. I might give it a try.


custom book

This is such a fun idea. These 2 authors have made a book where you fill in information about your child, like birthdate, family members, and favorite places/foods, and then they make a special book about him/her. I thought it might be pretty cheesy sounding, but it's actually not. I love the illustrations too. Because he loves reading so much, Carter just might get one of these for his next birthday! You can do some sample pages on their website.


blue poppy jewelry

I could take a pair of these from Blue Poppy Jewelry, especially in this turquoise! Take a look at their necklaces too...fun gifts for sisters, mom, and friends because they all have a meaning behind the design. I especially like the sisterhood necklace:

sweet hat

If Addie would ever keep a hat on her head, I would make her wear this one!



I discovered the baby/toddler brand Trumpette awhile back, from some fun socks that my sister and mom bought for Addie. But they have a lot more than socks - party hats, clothes, shoes, and the best (if you have a daughter and like leggings as much as I do)...the tights! I had to buy these little jellies in white for Addie when I saw them in a local boutique, Meringue.

cupcake bowls

I love these little cupcake bowls from Rose & Radish. They have such fun colors, and I think it would be a cute gift with a real cupcake hidden inside!

a new blog!

Because I like looking for all things fun and beautiful on a daily basis, I decided to share what I come across. I made this blog as an extension of my monthly fun finds on our family blog, which I haven't really been keeping up. It's too hard and time-consuming to put it all together once a month and I always end up leaving things out that I want to put on there. So here, I can post something really quick and be on my way! Enjoy!yippee