I discovered the baby/toddler brand Trumpette awhile back, from some fun socks that my sister and mom bought for Addie. But they have a lot more than socks - party hats, clothes, shoes, and the best (if you have a daughter and like leggings as much as I do)...the tights! I had to buy these little jellies in white for Addie when I saw them in a local boutique, Meringue.


Kristy said...
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Kristy said...

these jellies are soooo cute!

sarah said...

i saw trumpette socks at a little boutique in balboa the other day. they are so cute!! And (in reference to the blog about cupcake bowls) i saw bowls that are similar, BUT they had real-looking icing and sprinkles. i thought of you and your blog when i saw them. so cute!