diggin this outfit that arrived in my inbox a couple days ago. Another lovely by anthropologie. I really want to find a polka dot dress or skirt to wear with my own floral sweater. Seen any affordable versions out there?



I'm in love with the online magazine Lonny. So easy to just flip through pages at the computer, click on products and go directly to the link! And they're already on Issue 4 - so go check it out before you get too far behind. My favorite thing in the latest issue is the little girl's playroom on pages 112-113. I want the rug shown there.


antique beauties

I love these 2 pieces in my house. The first is my grandma's old sewing machine that I use as an entry table. I love that it has drawers - very useful for housing the things I tend to grab last minute before leaving the house. The sewing machine still works, and I have the original manual and extra parts for it as well! The only unfortunate thing is that the kids finally discovered the treadle actually moves. (it's not supposed to be pushed when the machine is all closed up)

The second piece is an antique printer's drawer that I turned into my thread storage/display. I like being able to have them right at hand, plus seeing all the pretty colors together makes me smile. Especially since my sewing area is in our bedroom, and I'm looking at that wall a lot. Besides the thread I use, I put some old wooden spools in there for decoration. Almost all the compartments are filled up now, and I'm always switching up the color scheme.


music cabinet

If any of you that live in my area happen to be antiquing, and spy an old smallish size music cabinet...call me immediately! Something like this would be nice:
And one more requirement...I would like it for a decent price. I know they tend to be pretty pricey, but somebody can put one on sale just for me! I'm not even planning on using it to hold my music, but I want it as a nightstand. I found a perfect one while up in Seattle a couple weeks ago - six skinny drawers, great size and shape, and in good condition. Alas, it was $250. One day I'll find one that will work.


sammy wraps

The perfect stylish solution for reusable sandwich bags. cuz I know you were looking for just that, right?

I'll take one each of the lace pattern and blue flowers.


spring flowers

The ranunculus are here! It's my favorite flower. Here are the colors I picked this year, ready to be planted in front porch pots.


girl scout goodness

Did you know you can make your own girl scout cookies?! Right here, three different kinds. I personally like Samoas the best, and only bought one box this year. That was a mistake, they were gone in .5 seconds. Mostly because of yours truly here. So I'm going to try out the "Fijis" sometime soon to get my fix.