antique beauties

I love these 2 pieces in my house. The first is my grandma's old sewing machine that I use as an entry table. I love that it has drawers - very useful for housing the things I tend to grab last minute before leaving the house. The sewing machine still works, and I have the original manual and extra parts for it as well! The only unfortunate thing is that the kids finally discovered the treadle actually moves. (it's not supposed to be pushed when the machine is all closed up)

The second piece is an antique printer's drawer that I turned into my thread storage/display. I like being able to have them right at hand, plus seeing all the pretty colors together makes me smile. Especially since my sewing area is in our bedroom, and I'm looking at that wall a lot. Besides the thread I use, I put some old wooden spools in there for decoration. Almost all the compartments are filled up now, and I'm always switching up the color scheme.

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5Youngers said...

LOVE this idea!!!!! I may just have to steal it :-) P.S. I still need to make that trip up to Portland to visit you. Let's plan it soon.