daily list

Only two things to accomplish in a day! {or two things you were supposed to accomplish yesterday} I can do that.

Found here


red onions

This is a great salad dressing recipe. Good mix of tart and sweet.


wooden radios

Either of these would look much better than the boxy boombox I currently use. Lots of other great finds at The Curiosity Shoppe


edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros

Yes, a mouthful of a name, but a great group. I fell in love with this song quite awhile ago, and just heard it again on an Ugly Betty episode. I need to get the album.

They're a fun group to watch perform too.


100 novels

I've been looking through this list of top 100 books. I don't agree with some, and wish others were on there. But hey, I'm no book critic! I do want to go through and catch up on a few.


sparkly clean

I want one of these. Mopping and folding laundry is my least favorite chore. Too time consuming. But I think this would be a big improvement from my usual routine. And no more buying cleaning solutions!


thomas paul

Don't know where I first saw these plates, and I think they've made it around the blogosphere a couple times, but I love these melamine plate collections by thomas paul. Especially those black and white lace doilies. Oh, the entertaining I could do around those!