ballooning scarf

A cute vintage find from darlington etsy shop.



Usually when I think of the ModCloth website, it's hundreds of dresses that come to mind. I don't think I've ever actually looked much at their other offerings. But these notepads were something to be looked at! I think it would be hard to use one though, and rip off all those cute little pages.


acorns + hot glue

At my son's bus stop, there is a huge tree that litters million of acorns all over. We started collecting them one afternoon, with plans to make something with them. The tops fall off pretty easily, so I decided to make a wreath.
I'm sure you've seen this over at MADE, so I know I'm not coming up with some revolutionary idea here! (and I just now realized I painted it the same, and used orange ribbon too). I've never seen acorns here in Oregon like the ones she used, but the tops of ours worked just as well.
Of course the kids were eager to help, so they came up with their own acorn project. Color index cards, and attach the tops with elmer's glue wherever you want. I thought they were pretty inventive, and a quick little fall project.


tiniest earrings

Are these the cutest little earrings or what?! If you've been reading this blog for awhile, you know I have an obsession with mini things, and acorns definitely fall into that category. So when I saw these on etsy's front page a few days ago, I instantly clicked over.
I currently have a few acorn projects I'm working on, and was planning on sharing. Along with today's earlier post involving a woodland theme, you hopefully won't mind an acorn mini-week!

count with me

What a cute addition to a child's room! I adore the illustrations and colors on these woodland counting flashcards from Ink Tree Press (who's also having a BOGO sale this week!). I would totally hang these on the wall above baby's crib, with simple rope and clothespins like pictured in the shop. She also has alphabet flashcards too!


wee wonderfuls

I want this fun little book! My daughter loves dolls and can never have enough. I'd love to make her a few from these patterns, and some extras for gifts as well. There's a review and projects from the book here at the purl bee. I had fun getting a little sneak peak.


last day

Don't forget, today is the last day to get free shipping at cm crafts with the code cffreeship
I put some new stuff in there, so visit the shop today!


jelly belly

I'm borderline obsessed with jelly belly's lately. Best and worst flavors in my opinion, just sayin'

Top 5 Best Flavors
Strawberry Daiquiri
Juicy Pear
Toasted Marshmallow
Pink Grapefruit
(apparently I'm a fruity person)

Top 5 Worst Flavors
Peanut Butter
Bubble Gum
Buttered Popcorn

What are your favorites?!



I like a lot of the modern baby products from boon, but I think this one is my favorite.


gigi nightstand

So much character in this little nightstand from UO. I think I'd choose the gray for my bedroom.


my seasonal home

My mom and her friend are putting their design talents to work at My Seasonal Home. They're focusing on front porches right now. When you go to the website, you can choose from several different porch designs, small to big, as well as a la carte items. They come and set it up, then take it down at the end of the season - no hassle for you! They're currently booking for Fall and Christmas/Holiday designs. Check them out here!


all about teeth

We have a first wiggly tooth at our house! I've seen so many great looking tooth fairy pillows and ideas out there over the years, and just recently came across these.

I like all the pillow options at Sugar Foots Shop.

Or if you like to DIY, there's a ton of patterns you can easily find, including this little cutie.

And this Project Toothfairy Kit from Paper and Twine is adorable and so well designed. It comes complete with a mouth chart to mark the losses, tooth fairy dust and business cards, a cloth bag, and history of the tooth fairy.


my bentos

I thought I'd share an update on the bento making at our house. It's been so fun for me to create these little lunches. Usually I just stick with a color theme, or add some fun picks. But here are a few that I put a little more thought into. Giraffes, circles, and bears.

As I showed in my last bento post, I get most of the ideas from Another Lunch. And I found all the supplies through that website as well - Easy Lunchboxes, and bento picks/forks from J-box.
My favorite little tools have been the mini cutters though. You can find the romantic and noah's ark sets at JoAnn Fabrics, and use the 40% off coupon from the Sunday paper to buy these for only around $2 each! I use them to cut out fruit leather, cheese bites, and cucumbers. So fun!


modern radar

I'm loving the screen printed designs at modern radar.