garden time

Super cute herb markers.
It's been so lovely outside this last week that I haven't even wanted to surf the net and blog about anything I've found. Which is weird for me...but I'm just loving this spring weather and being outside!



I'm working on one of these. You can't really tell from the picture, but it's a family tree and every little strip of paper has an ancestor's name on it. Then the little ones are marriage dates. I like how the shape of your tree is determined by the length of the names, and you can decide which way you want branches to go and so forth. Not like one of those pre-made ones that you just fill in the blanks.


yulia brodskaya

has amazing paper curling skills. And I mean a. maz. ing! Click here to see more.

I would love to learn to paper curl, but I have a feeling it would be a very time-consuming craft.


yay for friends

I have cool friends. Last week, when I posted about the mommy cards, my friend Kristy offered to make some up for me. And less than a week later I have 2 versions of my very own! {She actually made 4 for me to choose from!} I'm going to get some printed at Moo, (she told me about the website too) which prints all sorts of cards, stickers, etc. I'm getting the minicard version of course! Thanks Kristy!

Leave a comment if you really like these! I think Kristy could be convinced to get a little side business making them!


two projects, one day

I love easy craft projects, so I thought I'd share 2 of the latest I've worked on. The title of this post does not imply that I made both of these in one day. Just that each project on its own only takes a day to accomplish (actually only an hour for the tutu!).

For the tutu, I followed this tutorial. Super easy and really cute. I couldn't ever get a picture of my daughter actually in it because she was frantically running around! I chose to do the ribbon in blues and purple, and I love how it gets buried under layers of tulle.

For my new jewelry storage/display, I found a cheap wooden utensil organizer at Ross. I've been needing a storage solution for my jewels for quite some time now, the old one just wasn't big enough and things were always falling off. So I bought this utensil thing, then glued in some fabric using Mod Podge, separate pieces for the bottom and each sides. I tried paper first, but the glue made it all wavy and wonky, so that was ripped out and the fabric put in.
Next, I went to Home Depot and picked up knobs and various hooks, some decorative, some utilitarian. I planned out the design and then screwed them all in. I then attached a tooth-hook on the back, and voila! It's done!


dear diary

I've been seeing this 5 year diary on quite a few blogs lately. I like the idea of having one journal for several years - then you don't have so many taking up all that space on your shelf (or in storage).


a black apple

I frequent the blog Inside A Black Apple. She makes the cutest little dolls in her shop, which ALWAYS sell out in about 5 minutes. Well, now I just learned that she was on the Martha Stewart show, and did a demo on making them, complete with a template and instructions! She paints her doll faces a lot more elaborately than what is shown, but I'm glad to have her pattern and work with it myself. I think they're adorable!

p.s. her original artwork and prints are fantastic too!



double buttons

I like the idea of mommy and playdate cards, offered by double buttons etsy shop. I know a few stylish mommies I could picture carrying these around!


in a rut

I've been meaning to blog, really I have, but haven't had the motivation for it. I have lots of good things in store though, so I'm kicking my own butt into gear {starting tomorrow}.