two projects, one day

I love easy craft projects, so I thought I'd share 2 of the latest I've worked on. The title of this post does not imply that I made both of these in one day. Just that each project on its own only takes a day to accomplish (actually only an hour for the tutu!).

For the tutu, I followed this tutorial. Super easy and really cute. I couldn't ever get a picture of my daughter actually in it because she was frantically running around! I chose to do the ribbon in blues and purple, and I love how it gets buried under layers of tulle.

For my new jewelry storage/display, I found a cheap wooden utensil organizer at Ross. I've been needing a storage solution for my jewels for quite some time now, the old one just wasn't big enough and things were always falling off. So I bought this utensil thing, then glued in some fabric using Mod Podge, separate pieces for the bottom and each sides. I tried paper first, but the glue made it all wavy and wonky, so that was ripped out and the fabric put in.
Next, I went to Home Depot and picked up knobs and various hooks, some decorative, some utilitarian. I planned out the design and then screwed them all in. I then attached a tooth-hook on the back, and voila! It's done!


Bekah: said...

Oh I just love the idea for the jewelry display!

Mark and Katie said...

I love both of these...they are really cute!

MMW said...

So fond of the skirt. Well done!