yay for friends

I have cool friends. Last week, when I posted about the mommy cards, my friend Kristy offered to make some up for me. And less than a week later I have 2 versions of my very own! {She actually made 4 for me to choose from!} I'm going to get some printed at Moo, (she told me about the website too) which prints all sorts of cards, stickers, etc. I'm getting the minicard version of course! Thanks Kristy!

Leave a comment if you really like these! I think Kristy could be convinced to get a little side business making them!


Prissy & Hero said...

These are adorable! If only I had a use for them...maybe I should have some made for my baby sitters?

Kristy said...

you do have cool friends!! ;)

***yah, if anyone would like some just have carolyn pass on my email & we can work something out! fun!

thanks so much carolyn!