an old find

This isn't new to me, but I thought everyone should know about Bisquick. It makes the best pancakes ever, and on their website, they have a collection of recipes called Impossibly Easy Pies. These are so good, super easy, and super quick. Growing up, I remember my mom making them. It's such a good breakfast or dinner, depending on what you put in it, and good for those who don't really like to cook but like to eat! (Kari, I'm thinking of you!) So you get an idea of what an Impossibly Easy Pie is, it's kind of like a quiche, with the eggs, veggies, meat, cheese, etc. Once you learn the basic recipe, you can put whatever you have in the fridge into the pie. The other night I made one with mushrooms, mozzarella, and cut up lil' smokies!

*note on the link: for some reason I couldn't link directly to the pies page, so go to the left under "Description" and click on "Pies"

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