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I've received quite a few questions about sewing, requests for help with projects and/or sewing lessons. So I've decided to get on the ball and offer some sewing lessons! I think the easiest way to do it is by the hour, especially for short little projects.
Here's my background: my mom taught me the basics of a sewing machine and pattern reading, and then I've kind of figured things out on my own. My own projects, mostly things that I make for my daughter or myself, are the result of many hours of fooling around with fabric and sewing techniques. I also try and copy things I've seen in stores, and I'm good at craft projects.
Soooooo, if you have a project you've been dying to do, but don't know how, then I can help you out!
To give you a few examples of what we could work on together, here are some easy-peasy projects:
Christmas outfits for your kids: i.e. simple skirts for girls - elastic waist, apron skirt, or bubble skirt (I'm still in the process of tweaking this one), and ties for the boys
Learn how to hem pants, jeans, or skirts
Make a cute bag - laundry bag, handbag, church bag, whatever
Make something from a beginner pattern - from picking the right fabric and notions, to sewing and finishing it
See something you like, but it's too expensive? We can figure out a copycat...I do this a lot
Refashions - make something old new again!

The only catch? You might have to come to my oh-so-humble sewing area, which is one half of my bedroom. I promise I'll clean my room for you :)
Email me for pricing and any questions!
carematthews {at} gmail {dot} com

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