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My daughter is in a playgroup with her 2 little best friends. After she returns from Jane's house, I hear all month long about "playing hairstyles." Apparently that's what they're busy with almost the entire time at Jane's. I finally saw the beloved hairstyle station - a cute little vanity with all the salon accessories, including pretend scissors. So I've been trying to recreate a hair station at our house. I already had some lightweight stick-on mirrors for the wall, and my husband's making a simple shelf to hang under the mirrors. And I'm trying to fashion some sort of hanging bag that will fit all the accessories. A tool belt type thing, hanging from the shelf or on the wall. And of course I need the supplies themselves. I wanted a wooden set, which has proved to be a challenge in finding. This is the best one I came across in my hour of searching.
Estia wooden cosmetic set

I don't think I'll really use the carrying case, but the rest of it looks fun. Have you seen anything similar in a toy store or boutique? I'd like to find some other options!

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