cm crafts giveaway: updated!

I moved cm crafts over to big cartel now. I think I'm going to like it better than etsy, but we'll see. Right now I'm just on the free membership plan, so only one picture per product is allowed, and 5 products total. Hopefully things will get going and I'll upgrade here soon. Anyway, on to the giveaway!

In celebration of my new shop space, I'm giving away one of the Square Braided Bracelets! You choose the color you'd like. And if you want multi-colored or a different length, I can make that happen too! I learned this really cool way to braid, and I've been wearing one of these bracelets ever since. They're meant to wrap around your wrist about 3 times, and I usually stack 2 or 3 together. They remind me of the old friendship bracelets I used to make in middle school. Did you make those with your friends too?

Since I'm trying to spread the word, here's the 1 rule to enter the giveaway: think of 2 people you know that might be interested in something at cm crafts, and tell them about it! When you comment, let me know who you told. That's it!
update! you can still enter even if you don't want to tell anyone about cm crafts. However, if the winning person has told someone, they'll win two bracelets!
I'll close the comments this Friday at 9pm pst.
Good luck!!


MMW said...

Ohhhh pretty pretty. I told my sisters K and M. They are in town for another 2 weeks.

And for me, I like the blue or yellow bracelets for summer!

Kristy said...

yay Carolyn!!!

i told my friend a couple of my girlfriends! & my neighbor & my sister! :)

i too, am smitten with the yellow & blue!

lauren said...

I put a link on my facebook page. Does that count? Haha jk, I know you'll make me some for my birthday right? :)

kristy said...

so cute! i told my neighbor and abby. :) and good idea lauren, i'll post a link on my facebook too!