carter's room::part 1

I get a lot (ok, most) of my decorating ideas online, looking through photo galleries or diy websites. So I thought I'd share how I took what I found, made it my own, and incorporated it in my home. So I'm starting with Carter's room. First a little background. Carter is obsessed with the colors red and blue. He also said he wanted a race car room in the new house. Now, this makes for a great Nascar room. Yeah, I wasn't going there because I despise all things Nascar. So I was trying to find ways around making it look like that. I started with the blik re-stik decals race 'ya. We just put them up last week, and they turned out great; Carter loves them! He loves that he's allowed to actually put cars on the wall and race around.

The second thing you see in these pictures are the stripes on the wall. This comes from a post I did awhile ago. Carter's room looks absolutely nothing like this room (below), but I just really liked the stripes, and did them in red/blue and a little thicker in Carter's room.

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Kristy said...

how fun. i love the stripes & the race track!!!