carter's room::part 3

This is my last installment of Carter's room. I saw this really cool set of vintage race car prints, black and white, in red frames. They were at pottery barn kids (no longer online), and on sale at the time for $70 for three. Still a little high for me. So I searched for something similar on ebay, and found these prints for only $30! They weren't framed or anything, but I attached them to red mattes, and simply stuck them to the wall with sticky-tac. So for about half the price I got four!
His room is totally finished now, yay! Some other details: a print of my grandpa's that happens to go perfectly with the color scheme, a picture of Carter at 8 months (which looks a little crooked now that I'm looking at it), his initials you see right when you walk in, the red/blue chair which my grandma had in my uncle's room when he was little, and the bedding, bought from Target at a great sale price!


Molly and Andy said...

I LOVE it Carolyn! You did a great job!! I'm sure he loves it too! So cool!

Kristy said...

it looks fantastic!!! how fun!