While at sephora, I spotted this: 
a heated eyelash curler! Of course a girl came up and told me that I had to have one because they're just the best. I'm a little skeptical.

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madison said...

I have tried those heated curlers and they donot work for me. They are too cumbersome to use and take so much time to get even a tiny curl.
A stylist told me about the Hot Lashes heated eyelash curler and that one is by far the greatest.
My lashes are stick straight and with Hot lashes they stay curled for days.
This is the best one, does Sephora carry? I got mine off their web site.
My major, major rave, my lashes stay curled and my eyes look so much more awake and bigger.
Thought others would like to know about this little major Gem of a heated curler.