flower power

I'm seeing a lot of flower post earrings out there, and I'm liking it. They give out a kind of vintage vibe. After I saw one of my friends wearing a cute pair yesterday, I decided to to a little post on them. {I didn't realize that was a pun until after I typed it out}
I usually wear dangly type earring, but currently my lobes are donning these 2 babies. Both from Nordstrom BP section, and only about $5!

I also found some great ones online, via urban outfitters, forever 21, and anthro. But if you really want to go out and grab a cute cheap pair, they have plenty at Nordstrom in plenty of colors.

And look at these cute pairs over at Grosgrain, that she made from some buttons and paint! I think I'm going to have to expand my color palette from yellow and cream!


Jocelyn said...

I love those!

sarah said...

i got erin that first pair for her bday. i love them!!