the modern hive

I love this new-to-me blog, The Modern Hive. As she says on her blog, she's a graphic designer, loves finding new uses for old things, and is a mom to 6 kids. My favorite thing I've found is her series of mini prints available for free download. If you're a member of the same church as I am, you'll definitely recognize some of the phrases. But even if you're not, they all have a beautiful message that could be included in any home. I'm in the process of printing out the family proclamation. She designed a modern looking version of it, and I must have it hanging in my hallway!


Mark and Katie said...

These are so cool...what a great find!

Heather said...

Hi! Thanks for sharing my mini prints with your readers. I appreciate it!

5Youngers said...

I just now looked at your blog for the fist time! Love all your great ideas Care. I am loving this big bold prints. I am loving the "there is beauty" one.