Project Week: #1 ~ the backpack

Here's the beginning of Project Week on Care's Finds! I'm featuring projects that I've recently made from some great free patterns/tutorials online. There's so much out there in the world of sewing - do you know how often I've turned to youtube to learn simple techniques? Suffice it to say, a lot, and it's fabulous. There are so many great sewing blogs with perfect beginner projects to get you going. And then you can keep going with the more difficult ones. So anyway, here's day #1.

Remember this awesome fabric? Well, I did indeed make it into a backpack as intended. (giving myself a high-five right now)
I eventually found a free pattern for a toddler backpack here, after going on a trek through about 5 different mommy/sewing blogs. She gives great instructions and pictures to go along. I altered the pattern quite a bit after giving it a look. I basically just ended up using the back pattern piece and straps for sizing. It has a foldover top, but I wanted to include a zipper closure. I also added padding to the straps for a little more thickness, and put pull straps at the bottom. My favorite part: that my daughter absolutely loves it!
The most important thing you can do when making this is to use a good, heavyweight interfacing (I used pellon's fusible decor bond). That way it doesn't fold up on itself too easily. As it is, I've noticed the corners get crushed in as my daughter runs around the house with it.
This took less than half a yard, and I think I'll be making another one just a bit bigger so it will fit papers to be brought home from preschool in the future. Luckily I have enough of the fabric to do another!
Here's a few photos of the happy little girl wearing her beloved new backpack.

if you're looking for something similar and want full instructions, another backpack pattern is available to buy here.

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Kristy said...

SOOOOOO cute! i love it!