the playroom::part 1

Time to continue with where I get all my decorating ideas. You can find my first series here. On to the playroom - finally finished! Well, nothing is ever really finished with me because I'm always changing things, and I still need to add curtains at some point, but I'm happy with how it is at the moment.
The first thing I wanted to do in there was get the books organized. I saw this picture in the May 2008 issue of Better Homes & Gardens

and fell in love with the idea of having our whole library on display so the kids could see everything, and hopefully we wouldn't be repeating books as often. I tried to find a shallow bookshelf like the one pictured, but no luck. So we did it with 4 Ikea shelves (found here) that fit perfectly on our skinny wall. They have a lip so the books don't slide off, and I adore this oh-so-lovely wall.

Don't let this picture fool you - it's not usually this organized, and the bottom 2 shelves are almost always empty. The culprit?...my almost-2-yr-old, who loves to "read" through books like she's eating candy. Hey, it's just a playroom, and they're supposed to be messy!

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kristy said...

what a great way to display kids' books!