{i sew} easter outfits

I have an obsession with making (sometimes buying) my kids matching outfits on Easter and Christmas. I even made myself a matching skirt last Easter. This time around, I had found some clearance green sweater fabric, and wanted to make this vest for the boys. I made up Addie's cropped sweater, then did a simple double layer elastic waist skirt. The idea also came from here. I've made elastic waist skirts before, about a million of them. Why haven't I ever thought of a double layer? It's so cute and easy, I'll definitely be doing it again. The skirt and bowtie fabric came from some curtains that my mom gave to me. I know it doesn't look like it actually matches the sweaters very well, but I promise that in person it does!
Besides the cute kid faces, I really can't stand these pictures. I took them really fast after church, just outside on our teeny porch. I need to find a good place for picture taking around our apartment, there aren't too many options that I've found so far.

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