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I'm back again! Seems like I can't stop from taking these big breaks from blogging lately. Let's just say I've been a little stressed, and haven't spent a lot of time on the computer (which is kinda nice actually!). But I did go out shopping last weekend by myself, at one of my favorite "window-shopping centers", as I call them. The place where you go to look at all the pretty things that are a little out of the price range - you do this too, right?
Anyway, after stopping in at anthropologie and crate & barrel, I went into a little maternity store. And there I found a new-to-me line of handbags, George, Gina & Lucy. At first I assumed they were diaper bags because most of what they had in store were made of nylon, and pretty big in size. But the sales girl told me that they're regular handbags, and they just happen to work well as diaper bags. I loved them! I came home and looked up the company. They have quite the selection - nylon, leather, tons of color options, and everything from coin purses to luggage. I really like the big hardware they use, which is different for me, but I just love the look and feel. Here are a couple of my favorite styles.

Molecule 7, and Pour la Nana - both in my favorite color option, Crater Gray. But this last one is the bag that initially pulled me in, Anything Goes. It comes with a shoulder strap as well. Now which color? The gray, Steel Water, or Mustard on the Rocks...


Bekah: said...

I love the last one! Those totally look like you.

I'm sorry you've been stressed, I hope whatever was causing it is loooong gone.

Kristy said...

oh. my. gosh.
i lovelovelovelove these bags!

one of these might have to go on my wish list! ;)