these are a few of my favorite things

I did another favorites party, this time with a new group of friends! The theme was based on the song "These Are a Few of My Favorite Things." The colors were mostly sage-y green and pink, coming from the fabric I had on hand with which I made the invitations.I'm not the best photographer...in fact I'm not even that good, so bear with my photos.

I got the idea to hang phrases from the song on the blog katie did, here. I just freehanded the letters, which gave a cute, quirky quality to the words. And almost a week later they're still up, they've been too fun!

yes, I did notice that crooked "t" in mittens and fixed it before the festivities!

The food was really easy since the song contains plenty of favorite foods! I bought "crisp apple strudel" from a local bakery, made "girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes" sugar cookies, filled handmade "brown paper packages tied up with string" with raspberry truffles, and topped simple brownies with "raindrops on {radish} roses." I made my favorite go-to party drink, cucumber limeade (a concoction made up by my good friend's husband), and had mismatched glasses & mugs to drink from. I don't own 12 of any one type of glass, so that was my solution!

I set it up a little differently than the parties I have planned with Kari & Alicia in Salem. {Head on over to my family blog to see what those were like.} So here, everyone picked a favorite item and brought 5 of them. I had everyone write their name on 5 slips of paper, then we each drew out 5 names. (that's a lot of 5's I just spit out) I started first and told why my item was a favorite, then gave it out to those who had drew my name. There were 11 ladies total, and we went around the room like that. So each person got to take home 5 new favorites! And we learned a little about each other along the way. Do you think I could remember to take pictures of everyone's favorites displayed on the table, or anyone at the party for that matter?! I was having too much fun chatting I guess! But the favorites ranged from kitchen gadgets {mine was a flexicado, as seen below}, to books, things to wear, and beauty supplies. I wish I could have invited more people, I had about a dozen more I wanted to invite, but my house only holds so many!

I've said this before, and I'll say it again: do this with your friends!! As a hostess, you don't have to worry about party favors to send guests home with, they're already taking things home. It is always so much fun, and everyone has a great time!


Kristy said...

HOW FUN!!!!!!!
i want to throw one of these parties!!!! :)
i love that letter garland!

Jocelyn said...

Your favorite things parties are always the best, and I love the ideas you come up with. Thanks for sharing the pictures. So fun!

Mark and Katie said...

Your decorations and the food look amazing! I love the way you changed up the exchange part.

Rachel D said...

Full of beautiful and clever details. Yes, I'd leave those letters up for a long, LONG time too.

If I ever move, I will take your advice and throw this type of party. But I also promise to give you credit. :)