downtown chic

People are cool. Not even a week after I posted my wanted book list, I received a complimentary copy of Downtown Chic by Sixx Design! And it came straight from the authors via their assistant! Definitely the most awesome thing that has happened to me because of this little blog. I was totally thrilled when first contacted, and have been totally thrilled pouring through the pages of the book since. And so has my husband, Stuart. He dabbled a little in architecture during college, and really likes a lot of the architectural details shown.
The book is about a husband-wife design team with six kids, and it goes through 7 major house renovations they did. They took run-down properties and created million dollar spaces. Plus it has a ton of gorgeous photos, design and renovation tips, and great quotes throughout, adding in humor to something that can be frustrating, like renovations.
On the design side, I immediately want to try and replicate several things. Their work is inspiring and seems so do-able because a lot of it is the result of flea market shopping, paired with their talent of having an eye to put everything together of course. I know that when our kids are older, and we have a house with a larger yard, I'm going to want an in-ground trampoline like they had at one of their houses.
So, if you can't tell, I love Love LOVE this book! Thanks Sixx Design!

I heard they're doing a show on Bravo too, premiering next year.


Mark and Katie said...

That is so cool they sent you this book. It sounds great!

MMW said...

Ohhh what a great great holiday gift. I hope you love reading it.

I don't think the library has had their copy for months because I keep signing it out AND putting my name on the reservation list to get it again and again.

Kristy said...

how cool that they sent you one! woohoo!

Anonymous said...

hi care, i just stumbled upon your lovely blog through the website of SixxDesign. i believe the novogratz family have 7 kids now! :-) i'm dying to get my hands on the book.