green smoothies

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I really love smoothies. I mean, really. I could practically live on a liquid diet with them. So when I came across this page, all about green smoothies, I was intrigued. I have since adopted a morning ritual of making myself a green smoothie for breakfast. It's really filling, takes seconds, and is oh so yummy! Even my kids love drinking them - although these are just in addition to their usual breakfast. All the recipes from this particular site consist of only fruits & veggies, no yogurt, no milk, nothing else. So I get in 3-4 fruit and veggie servings to start off my day, and have actually noticed a difference in my waistline since doing this!

Favorite combos:
strawberry-banana-spinach (+/-romaine)
apple-spinach (or kale)

I don't, however, like celery added in. It makes the whole thing taste weird, and makes my tongue almost feel numb.

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MMW said...

a difference to YOUR WAISTLINE? girlfriend - you are going to disappear! ha ha

truly, we are a smoothie drinking family. I absolutely love blending kale, spinach, apples and lemons (sans peel).

What do you use to make smoothies - a juicer or a blender?