yummy kiwis

This is a little different post than usual, but I had to share. Finding a new way to do something makes me happy. I was making a fruit salad for something this week, and I wanted to add kiwis. After doing a little internet research, I came across the perfect way to peel and slice one up, while having them actually turn out pretty and not all awkward shaped, as mine usually are.

1. Cut off the ends
2. Get a spoon, and work it in between the fruit and skin with the spoon upside down.
3. Work all the way around, then repeat on the other side.
4. Once it's all loosened, you can just sort of pop out the fruit.

See how pretty and perfect they are?! And it doesn't waste much fruit either.

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Kristy said...

wow, who knew kiwi's could look that pretty! i always destroy mine!