death by caffeine

Good thing this calculator is around so I don't kill myself from the sweet goodness that is Pepsi! Haha! Pick your favorite caffeinated drink or food, and find out how much you would have to drink/eat to kill you. Mine?:
Gulp down 188.59 cans of Pepsi-Cola and you're history.

(Yep, I always look like this when I'm drinking an ice cold one)

What's yours?!


Kristy said...

HAHAHA! this is so funny!

oh & i too look like that while gulping down a cold one! ;) ahhhhhhhhhh refreshing!

Prissy & Hero said...

Ha! This was fun! It will take a LOT of hot chocolates before you can kill me!

lauren said...

Care I told you not to post pictures of me on your website...