At Earth Shoes, where their motto is "burn more calories with every step," they have some interesting designs. My mom has this pair, which is actually one of my favorites as well.

I guess this company has been around since the 70s, and used to make just hippy-style shoes. But now they have a huge selection, with some really cute designs. You can still see some of the hippy influence there, especially in the sandals.

Anyway, Earth shoes are definitely a different experience in footwear. The sole is angled up towards your toes, just slightly, but enough that your weight is shifted back a bit, and they say you will have better posture and burn more calories because it's way more of a leg workout when wearing them. Even though we don't share the same size, I tried on my mom's and I could tell a difference. I saw some at Shoe Mill, so go take a look if you're interested! (Or you can just take a gander at my stylish mom if you see her!)

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Kristy said...

these look comfy! =)
where did you get the initial pendant from? b/c the one i posted is $50!